Auto & Truck, US

Auto & Truck, US

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Getting Back On Track...

The US automotive industry has experience a huge setback, but is coming back after a long overdue bounceback.  The problem was self inflicted, though, as automotive industry executives either weren't on the ball, or had completely lost sight of it.

The US truck industry is still experiencing similar problems, though the problems stem more from lack of care than incompetence.  Brands have been sold and resold until we have no idea what forgeign market is sitting behind the semi rigs that we build. 

Both the automotive and truck industries represent fractional shadows of their former selves.  However, quality manufacturing has become a priority and the American consumer is begining to notice.  Unfortunately, the American market has already established loyalty with other import brands.

It's going to be a long road back to a healthy economy, and American innovation and technology must lead the way.  If anyone thinks that they can relax and sit on their duff in this industry, they are sadly mistaken, and will be bankrupt sooner than ever.


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